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2016 Chefs

2016 Nutcracker Sweets Chefs

Chef Bruce Auden
  • Biga on the Banks


Gelatiere Josh Biffle
  • South Alamode Panini & Gelato


Chef Stefan Bowers
  • Feast & Rebelle


Chef John Carpenter
  • NAO Latin Gastro Bar at the Culinary Institute of America


Chef Tyler Horstmann
  • Kitchen Mercenaries & Chef Cooperative


Susan Jaime
  • Ferra Coffee Roaster


Chef Elizabeth Johnson
  • Pharm Table


Tim Mcdiarmid
  • Tim The Girl Catering & The Good Kind


Chef John O’larnic
  • H-E-B Plus


Pitmaster Kathy Pullin & Chef Christina
  • Pullin Premium BBQ & Creations Catering


Chef Toby Soto
  • Humo Catering & Chef Cooperative


Jenn Stipp and Chef Jeff Wayne White
  • Brindles Awesome Ice Cream


Chef Scott Tompkins
  • H-E-B Culinary School


Diana Barrios Trevino
  • Los Barrios Family Restaurants


Chef Anthony Mesa
  • Citrus at the Hotel Valencia


Chefs Don Carr & Dustin Alexander
  • Sysco